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BWF söker nya internationella linjedomare

29 APR 2020 10:46
BWF söker personer till sitt linjedomare program för att direkt stödja de olympiska spelen, Paralympiska spelen, större evenemang inklusive Para Badminton World Championships och HSBC BWF World Tour-turneringar.
  • Uppdaterad: 29 APR 2020 10:46


Om någon är intresserad av att nomineras till BWF internationell linjedomare kontakta Badminton Sweden tekniska funktionärer via mejl till This is a mailto link senast 25 maj.

Här finns mer information från BWF:

27 April 2020
Dear Member Associations:
BWF Line Judge – Cycle 2021-2024

BWF is proud to continue its Line Judge program to directly support the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, Major Events including the Para Badminton World Championships, and HSBC BWF World Tour tournaments, where applicable (i.e. HSBC BWF World Tour Finals).
There are currently two pools of BWF Line Judges: 1. Those serving a term from 2019-2022; and 2. Those finishing a term ending 2020.
We would like to start a new cycle from 2021-2024.
As Member Associations, you have an opportunity to nominate candidates to your respective Continental Confederation for their review and consideration. These candidates can include current BWF Line Judges who are still eligible for renewal of a term, as well as new candidates, as long as they meet the criteria as stated below. The terms of BWF Line Judges can be renewed indefinitely (no limit), until they reach the retirement age of 65 years.
The Continental Confederation will review your submissions and will choose the most suitable candidates to nominate to BWF for approval. Considerations will be made to ensure balance across Member Associations, confederations/regions, gender, and neutrality, within the following quota:
Badminton Asia 16
Badminton Europe 17
Pan Am Badminton Confederation 4
Badminton Oceania 5
Badminton Confederation of Africa 6

Please use the following criteria when selecting candidates:
• Less than 65 years of age (retiring at the end of the year of their 65th birthday);
• Five or more years of international experience as a line judge;
• A minimum of a National level umpiring designation/certification; and
• Understands and speaks English fluently.




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