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BWF söker Internationella Linjedomare

13 AUG 2016 09:13
Det är dags för BWF att förnya sin grupp av Internationella linjedomare och inbjudan har gått ut till alla förbund
  • Skapad: 13 AUG 2016 09:13

Läs mera om inbjudan nedan och finns det någon i Sverige som är intresserad kontakta mig på mejl This is a mailto link senast 28 september. Då skickar jag in en intresseanmälan till Badminton Europe och sedan får vi se om BEC skickar den vidare till BWF?

Läs mera om BWF linjedomare här


05 August 2016
Dear Member Associations:
Re: BWF International Line Judges – Cycle 2017 to 2020
Since 2011, the BWF International Line Judges has supported the presentation of our sport at the high level of the game, including the Olympic Games, BWF Major Events, and MetLife BWF World Superseries tournaments, where applicable.
There are two pools of BWF International Line Judges; one whose cycle runs from 2015-2018 with many retiring at the end of this term, having served two terms, and the other whose term ends at the end of this year. This group, however, is eligible for renewal of a second term.
As such, BWF is in the process of renewing this pool of BWF Line Judges for the cycle 2016-2020.
As member associations, you are requested to nominate candidates to your respective Continental Confederation for review; these can include renewal of existing line judges and/or new candidates.
The Continental Confederations will then submit to BWF those most suitable, ensuring balance across the member associations and the following quota which is designed to ensure a wide spread of neutral umpires and principles of universality:
• Asia – 18
• Europe – 20
• Pan Am – 4
• Oceania – 2
• Africa – 1
(TOTAL: 45)
The BWF Line Judges from the Cycle 2013 – 2016 can re-nominated for a second and final four year period. The BWF Line Judges for the Cycle 2015 – 2018 will remain unchanged.
The eligibility of BWF Line Judges should be according to the following criteria:
 Less than 65 years of age, retiring at the end of the year of their 65th birthday;
 A minimum of five years international experience as a line
 National umpiring qualification/certification (minimum); and
 Understand and speak English fluently.
Please return a completed form (copy attached) for each nominee to your respective Continental Confederation by 30 September 2016 including any additional information regarding the individual’s background in line judging, as you deem appropriate.
Please do not hesitate to contact BWF if you have any questions.
Gilles Cavert
BWF Technical Official Commission


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