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BWF regelförändringar

08 DEC 2018 07:55
BWF har beslutat om att Fixed Service Hight 1.15 kommer att gälla i de flesta internationella tävlingar från 1/1 2019. Det är bara en av många regeländringar som införs eller uppdateras.
  • Skapad: 08 DEC 2018 07:55

Här finns en kort beskrivning av några ändringar i regelverket, som BWF beslutat om. För fullständiga regler klicka här för att länka till BWF Statutes.

För att veta vilka olika nivåer (Grades) av internationella tävlingar som finns klicka här   för att länkas till BWF Event Structure

Fixed Service Height Laws

BWF Council, as per the authority delegated to it from the membership at the AGM 2018, decided not to change the Laws related to fixed service height.

As such, all Grade 1, 2, 3, Junior International, and Continental Championships must now follow these Laws, and all hosts of these tournaments, starting in 2019, must use the BWF approved fixed height service measuring device.

BWF is in the process of producing a new version of the measuring device, based on feedback from the TO community, and will provide sets of these devices to hosts in the very near future. In the meantime, hosts for tournaments in December 2018 and January 2019 have sets of the original measuring device for short term use.

ITTO / No Testing of Freshly Strung Rackets by Players on Court Anymore

The ITTO has been updated to reflect the new fixed service height Laws and some other small tweaks, based on feedback received since its implementation 1 January 2018.

However, there is one particular instruction added for umpires (Clause 5.11.1) which says that testing of freshly strung rackets on court is not allowed anymore. This change has come about in the interests in encouraging more continuous play, and has been supported by the BWF Athletes Commission.


The Vocabulary document has also been updated to reflect feedback received, and to better format/structure the document for greater clarity.

Table of Offences and Penalties

There have been several changes and additions made to the Table of Offences and Penalties, including more breaches of the GCR, withdrawal fees for World Team Championships, breaches of the Players Code of Conduct, and breaches of the Player Commitment Regulations. Please make sure you have reviewed this table carefully, and of course the actual reference documents (GCR, Codes of Conduct, and Player Commitment Regulations), as these can all be reportable offences.


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