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BWF informerar angående Code of Ethics/Code of Conduct/Social Media Policy

04 JUN 2018 06:44
Viktig information från BWF till alla Tekniska Funktionärer.
  • Uppdaterad: 04 JUN 2018 06:47

Läs information som vänder sig i första hand till internationella Tekniska Funktionärer, men givetvis gäller detta även alla andra Tekniska Funktionärer som är inblandade i svenska tävlingar. Det finns mer information med länkar under fliken Nationell information klicka här


Dear BWF Technical Officials:

It is very important that all BWF Technical Officials strictly adhere to the Code of Ethics, Technical Officials Code of Conduct, and Social Media Policy. This includes ensuring, wherever possible, that you do not put yourselves, BWF, and others, at risk for perceived conflict of interest or bias. One important way to do minimize risk is to avoid taking photographs with players, coaches, team managers or other team staff.

Not only does it avoid risk, it also maintains a more professional and consistent presentation in how we showcase our sport to the world. Millions of fans around the world are watching—not just on television but on social media. As such, we should be very conscious of this in every decision we make when we are assigned to a BWF sanctioned tournament.

Please find attached copies of the BWF Code of Ethics and Technical Officials Code of Conduct, for your reference.

As a reminder, the BWF Social Media policy is summarized below:




Post status updates that you are in XX

city/country and enjoying visiting (i.e. including

tourist type photos, etc.).


Post assignment lists, whether that be for

umpires, service judge, or line judges, for any

particular day or set of days.


If in doubt – DON’T

Post photos of internal operational areas (i.e.

back of house operations).



Post photos of any specific incident, or

situation at the tournament related to your

participation (i.e. photos of injuries

experienced while participating at the




Post comments about the officiating.



Engage in any online discussions about

officiating, decisions made by officials, or

anything else about your own match(es) or

someone else’s matches; this includes, but is

not limited to, message boards, blogs, and

other social media.



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