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BWF uppdaterar regelverket

06 MAR 2020 08:03
BWF uppdaterar sitt regelverk från 18-19 februari och även 23 maj
  • Uppdaterad: 06 MAR 2020 08:03

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"Dear BWF Technical Officials:

Please find attached a copy of the recent update to all Member Associations regarding approved regulation changes by BWF Council at its meetings on 18-19 February 2020.

This email also includes a summary of the regulations changes, noting the rationale and what specifically was changed.

Most relevant to BWF Referees and Umpires (focused on Grade 1 and 2 Tournaments) are the following:

Instructions to Technical Officials (ITTO) and Vocabulary

A working group recently completed a review of the ITTO and Vocabulary with the goal of incorporating all recent regulation changes, including those from 2019, as well as other changes coming from practical experience gathered by BWF TOs—in particular, the BWF Semi-Professional Referees in our Grade 1 and 2 Tournaments.

Timelines for BWF Sudirman Cup and Thomas & Uber Cups

Some changes were made to the timelines to both team tournaments—especially the BWF Sudirman Cup, which has changed to a two-stage, qualification and finals competition, similar to the Thomas & Uber Cup (i.e. Continental Qualification Tournament and Finals Tournament).

Codes of Conduct

Several of the BWF Codes of Conduct have been updated—either for immediate and/or planned effect in the near future.

Approved Member Association Player Clothing Advertising 2020 - Updated

BWF has approved a logo for Chinese Badminton Association for TENCENT SPORTS, as its Member Association advertising on player shorts, skirts, and dresses for 2020, as per below.




Approved Logo on Players’ Shorts/Skirts


The company is called TENCENT SPORTS.


The approved version of the company logo is the Chinese version.


English version of the logo:










The revised document is also attached, for your reference.


 Please refer to the updated versions of all respective BWF Statutes on the BWF Corporate website at: https://corporate.bwfbadminton.com/statutes/

 Please let Suva or me know if you have any questions.

 Kind regards,

 Christopher Trenholme

Senior Technical Events Manager

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