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BWF testar nya serve regler

18 FEB 2018 14:27
Läs mer om hur det skall fungera med BWF experimentet av serven och den fixerade höjden på 115cm
  • Uppdaterad: 20 FEB 2018 16:44

För att så många som möjligt av Sveriges Tekniska Funktionärer, skall ta del av informationen angående den nya servregeln. Väljer jag att publicera den information som har skickats till mig (se brev nedan) från BWF.

Läs även följande text på BWF  eller Badminton Sweden  hemsidor


Dear BWF Technical Officials:

As you know, BWF will begin testing the experimental fixed service height of 1.15 m at the YONEX German Open 2018, and will continue to test at all 2018 Grade 2 tournaments, Grade 1 tournaments (excluding the BWF World Junior Championships 2018), and Continental Confederation championships from March 2018.

We believe that this fixed service height will substantially reduce the element of human error from service judging, which ultimately benefits everyone: players, technical officials, spectators, and fans around the world. 

BWF has produced and provided a service measuring device for service judges to use on court to measure 1.15 m as best as possible (see photo attached). This device (as produced) will be used during this testing period.

BWF has already run several workshops for BWF and Continental Level Umpires at recent Continental Team Championships earlier this month, however, not all BWF Umpires will have had an opportunity to learn and practice—hence, this guidance paper.

Service Laws

For use in this testing period, Law 9.1.6 is replaced by the following new wording: “The whole shuttle shall be below 1.15 metres from the surface of the court at the instant of being hit by the server’s racket.”

Also, Law 9.1.7, regarding the shaft of the head of the racket, does not apply.

Please remember that all other service faults should be watched for and called, if applicable.

How to Best Use the Device

 The device should be situated approximately at arm’s length.

  1. Look across the top of the two lines on the device.
  2. Start with your eyes above the lines so you are seeing two lines.
  3. Move your eyes down until the back line disappears.

Adjust your eyes to be level with the two lines covering each other; this defines the height of 1.15 m above the court and should make it easier to judge the service.

The attached page of diagrams show correct and incorrect examples of line of sight.

For some tournaments, there may be two devices provided per court; for others only one.

For a court with only one device, you will have to move the device from one side of the net to the other to measure service height from both players/pairs.

Regardless of having only one device or two on court, you may have to make slight adjustments to the placement of the device as players’ service positions may vary from pair to pair and point to point (e.g. in mixed doubles when the male player stands to serve behind his partner). The device is light enough that it should not be an issue moving it as needed.

Practice and Preparation Opportunities

Umpires should practice using these devices as much as possible and should take advantage of any opportunities provided for practice. In the experience of the BWF Umpire Assessment Panel, the more you practice the easier it becomes to use.

We expect that the assigned BWF Referees (Grade 1 and 2 tournaments) and CC Referees (CC Championships) will ensure that the fixed service height is an important part of the umpire briefing on the first day (and subsequent days as needed), and should work with the host organiser to ensure time for on-court practice is provided for all umpires, prior to the start of competition throughout the tournament week, as needed.

The goal is that all service judges are comfortable and confident stepping onto court to apply these new service laws from the first point of the first match.

Comments and Feedback

The measuring device will not be altered until after the testing period has concluded, however, BWF welcomes any feedback or comments on how to improve the device for the future, should the fixed height service law test be successful and become law.. 

In the meantime, please work as best as possible with the devices currently available.

Please send all comments to Senior Technical Events Manager, Chris Trenholme, at: This is a mailto link


Should you have any technical questions, please send inquiries to BWF Umpire Assessment Panel Chair Malcolm Banham at: This is a mailto link, and copy Senior Technical Events Manager, Chris Trenholme, at: This is a mailto link.

Kind regards,

Christopher Trenholme

Senior Technical Events Manager

E: This is a mailto link




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