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Info to participating countries

Stockholm, December 2012




Thanks for your entry. There are many players entered to the tournament, so the situation now is that some players/pairs are on a waiting list to take part. Please observe the rules that apply in this information.

Entry list

The entries have been processed by Badminton Europe and the M&Q-list with players for main draw, qualifying round and waiting list has been produced. For choosing the players/ pairs the BWF World Ranking dated 2012-12-27 has been used. All players/pairs without a BWF ranking or a notional ranking have been drawn by Nation then by National ranking.

There are Waiting lists in all five categories. The Acceptance list is find here:


You can also find it on the tournament home page https://www.badminton.nu/swedishinternational under Entries.

Time schedule
The Qualifying rounds will be played on Thursday the 17th starting at 09:00.


Please observe the new routines for withdrawal of entries before the withdrawal deadline: The Association shall withdraw the players using the online entry system!

 No alteration, except withdrawal, can be made to the entries after the close of entries in accordance with BWF Competition Regulations 5.8.

We will also remind you of the rule from BWF saying that substitutions are not allowed.

“In Level 1 to 4 tournaments, no alterations or substitutions are permitted to the draw after the draw has been made of except under corrections as in Regulation 15.3.1 or promotions as in Regulation 14.2.”

Any withdrawal after the Sunday immediately preceding the draw, for any reason whatsoever, renders the Member Association con­cerned liable to an amount of US$ 150 for the inconven­ience caused by the withdrawal (as defined in BWF General Competi­tion Regulations).

Entry fees

For all players/pairs accepted in the main draw or qualifying rounds an entry fee shall be paid. The fee is €40 is singles and €60 per pair in doubles.


The Swedish Badminton Association will send out an invoice to all participating countries in the beginning of January.


For players on the Waiting lists no Entry Fee shall be paid until they are accepted in the tournament and these entries can be paid in cash or with a credit card in the arena during the tournament. The entry fees will not be refunded in the case of withdrawal.

If the entry fee is not paid in time the player will not be allowed to start the match.


The draw will be performed by BEC on the 8th of January. We will distribute the draw as soon as possible.



Referee               Nils-Petter Johansen, Norway, e-mail: This is a mailto link

Deputy Referee   Mats Tibbelin, Sweden

Team Managers briefing

This will take place on Wednesday 16th January at 20:30 in Scandic Malmen, Götgatan 49-51, STOCKHOLM, the official tournament hotel.


New Regulations effective from Jan 1st 2013.
Country name on shirt (if present) shall be 5 centimeters in height. The advertising band on the back of the shirt must not exceed 5 centimeter.



The tournament will be played with Wilson Tour.



It is of great importance that those that not have arranged with Hotel Reservation do this as soon as possible, depending on the great number of participants. The dead-line for Room Reservation is now 7th of January!!! Bookings and changes shall be done directly to the hotel. We enclose the form for hotel reservation.


We offer transport from Arlanda Airport terminal 5 or from Stockholm City Busterminal to the official tournament hotel Scandic Malmen, provided that a transport has been ordered! We have extended the last day for ordering transport to the 7th of January. After that we cannot guarantee a transport. Use the enclosed form to order your transportation.


If you have any further questions please send them to This is a mailto link

Once again, welcome to Swedish International Stockholm 2013


Thomas Angarth                                                            

Chief Executive Badminton Sweden                           

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