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Beställ licens för TP 2017 nu (Tournament Planner)

02 JAN 2017 13:42
Användare av Tournament Planner och League Planner:
Licens för TP 2017 beställes hos This is a mailto link
  • Skapad: 02 JAN 2017 13:42

Licensnyckeln för version TP 2016 är giltig januari månad ut. Licens för TP 2017 beställes hos This is a mailto link
Användare av Tournament Planner och League Planner
Dear Tournament Planner User,
Version 2017 of the Tournament Planner is available
The following has been updated:
  • It is possible to enter match results on your mobile phone and download these results in Tournament Planner. 
    Of course you can use a tablet of computer as well. 

    This feature is very useful during large tournaments or tournaments at multiple locations.

    Read more information here!
  • The matches report has been updated so you can print unscheduled matches as well.
  • The report match cards is using a new match selection screen.
  • The report matches has an option to print non-scheduled matches.
  • The report match-sign has an option to print 2 per page.
Mats  Tibbelin
Skribent: Åsa Strindlund
Epost: This is a mailto link

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